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More About Audio Affiliated

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Please take a moment to read the following consultation between David at Audio Affiliated and a Spokane Bride. This interview will give you insights into David’s DJ style and it will reveal how his DJ and MC talents will benefit you and your wedding celebration. The interview will also give you a better understanding of what Audio Affiliated’s Spokane DJ service offers. You will find some answers to your own questions here as well as some useful insights to help you find the perfect Spokane Wedding DJ for your once in a lifetime celebration!

A Bride’s Interview with Spokane Wedding DJ, David from Audio Affiliated

Spokane Bride: How long have you been a DJ and how did you become a wedding DJ?

David: I actually ended up getting to be a DJ by chance and fell in love with it. I was the DJ/MC in 2003 at a wedding for my good friend I grew up with. He and his fiancé, now wife, didn’t find a DJ they felt comfortable hiring for their wedding. I had the sound equipment and my friend and I had similar taste in music, so I offered to DJ the wedding for them. I provided sound systems for other DJs and live bands all the time, so I was always around the industry. That wedding was my first experience as a DJ/MC and it was so much fun that when I received my first request/referral to DJ another wedding from one of the guests that attended my friends wedding, I jumped at the opportunity. One referral led to another and then I got turned on to the local bridal shows and other industry networking resources, and here I am today.

Spokane Bride: OK, so how many weddings have you DJ’ed?

David: About a couple hundred weddings total. I have consistently been working 40 – 50 weddings a year over the past few years.

Spokane Bride: Wow! Ok, my fiancé and I like what we’ve seen on your website. Can you tell me what sets you apart from other DJs?

David: Sure! Probably the most important quality that sets me apart from other DJs is my MC or Master of Ceremony skills. Engaging your guests in a way that is informative, fun and really genuine will not only personalize your celebration, it helps to connect the dots for the who, what, when and where to keep your guests feeling included in your wedding rather than just spectators. I keep the flow of events moving along, keep the focus on you and make sure everyone is having a good time. As an MC I know that less is more. I also pursue continuous education every year in the wedding entertainment industry by attending annual wedding DJ workshops, public speaking workshops, reading books specific to wedding celebrations, attending trade shows and following current wedding trends online.
Second is my training in the science of sound. I have earned an A.A.S. in Audio Technology which has given me an extensive understanding of how to operate sound systems and sound equipment to provide you with the most pristine, best possible sound. When you work with Audio Affiliated you wont have any of that high-pitched squealing feedback noise at your event. The ceremonies I provide sound support for always have guests remark at how well they could hear the vows!
Another thing that sets me apart from other wedding DJs is my ability to beat match or seamlessly blend songs together. Have you ever been in a night club where it seemed like the music was just one really long awesome song that never ended? Well, the DJ was beat matching. Beat matching keeps the energy up on the dance floor instead of fading one song out and starting the next one.

Spokane Bride: Outstanding, that all sounds really wonderful, but it sounds expensive! Are we going to be able to afford this?

David: Absolutely! Pricing is all-inclusive and there aren’t any hidden fees. I book by the evening for unlimited hours so there are also no overtime fees. Payments can be made from the time of booking up until your wedding day which is when the final balance is due. Past clients have rated the value of my DJ service as a 5 star experience. Most couples invest an average of $2000 depending on their wedding date, location and vision for their day. Couples who really appreciate professional quality sound, a good mix DJ, stunning lighting design and an MC that can engage their guests genuinely, always confess that the pricing is affordable based on the value of services received.

Spokane Bride: That’s very interesting, so what type of couples do you work best with?

David: Couples writing their own vows and wanting to be sure their guests will hear them at the ceremony, couples that want a DJ who can read a crowd and appeal to a variety of tastes, and couples that would like to work with a DJ who will provide fun and creative ideas to create their wedding celebration in a way that reflects their tastes, ideas and expectations. Couples that want a DJ who will take the time to really understand their style and personality and be able to incorporate that into their celebration will work well with my DJ style. I have always strived to be different as an individual and that is reflected in my approach to the planning, being the DJ and as Master of Ceremonies at wedding celebrations. Couples that fear booking a cheesy DJ at their wedding, couples that appreciate attention to detail, and couples that are looking for innovative and fun ways to incorporate their “uniqueness” into their celebration find my services to be a good match for what they are looking for. Brides and grooms that love yesterdays and todays hits with that club style vibe will really enjoy my DJ style. I have tons of ideas to share and I love working with couples that are looking for fun ways to have an unforgettable wedding celebration!

Spokane Bride: Well then, who would not benefit from working with you at their wedding?

David: You know, I would like to think that all the brides and grooms would benefit from working with me in one way or another. I am a perfectionist at heart so I am always looking for a way to make things better. I have learned a lot from the weddings I’ve done and share what I know with brides and grooms planning their celebration. If you want a DJ to just play music and not make announcements or introductions, if you are not having dancing at your reception, if you want punk rock or are not a fan of dance remixes, you probably won’t want to hire me. Couples that prefer a basic or informal reception without the focus being on their love story may find my DJ style to be to much work in pre-planning, while couples that want that over-the-top, hype-man, frat-party-style DJ will be disappointed in my DJ style. I like to focus on personalizing wedding celebrations to create a fun, romantic and informative atmosphere that keep guests engaged and entertained for the right reasons.

Spokane Bride: OK, I like the sound of that, but can I have control or the final say in planning my reception and music?

David: Most definitely! It’s your special day, I am just hear to help make your dream a reality! I will offer suggestions, advice and share the things that have or have not worked at other weddings. I want your wedding to be just the way you dream of it!

Spokane Bride: Great! And what about back-up equipment? Have you ever had equipment break at a wedding?

David: I have a sound van full of extra equipment in case of an emergency. I drive this vehicle to your wedding site. Maintenance is done regularly to my equipment to prevent any problems and I always have back-up just in case. Situations are always rectified quickly, discreetly and effectively.

Spokane Bride: Speaking of equipment, do you provide a microphone?

David: Yes, I have wireless handheld microphones, wireless lapel microphones and cabled microphones too. Microphones may be used by your guests for toasts and speeches.

Spokane Bride: I see photos with colored lighting, dance floor lighting and names in lights on your website. Is that something that you provide?

David: Absolutely. Audio Affiliated offers many different lighting options from simple to extravagant! Lighting can be programmed to match most wedding colors and active lighting adds energy to the room and/or dance floor. Custom monograms are the initials and names you see in lights. Illuminated monograms are the perfect way to add a personal touch that visually accents your wedding. All of the images on are from events I personally had the honor to DJ and MC. Images on my website offer a glimpse at how lighting can transform your wedding location into something magical and romantic or a modern and high-energy setting, depending on what you’re looking for.

Spokane Bride: Amazing! And are you insured?

David: Yes! Most venues require wedding professionals to carry a general liability policy to work on location. Audio Affiliated carries adequate coverage accepted by local event venues for DJs.

Spokane Bride: Do you use a contract?

David: Yes, the contract is my guarantee that I will be at your wedding and it also defines exactly what will be provided at your wedding.

Spokane Bride: Sounds good, do you require any breaks then throughout the evening?

David: No, I am on duty from start to finish. I will be present, attentive, responsive and at your service throughout the entire celebration.

Spokane Bride: What will you be wearing at our wedding?

David: I show up in casual clothes for set-up and then change into an outfit that meets your expectations. I mostly wear slacks with sport coat and tie. I would be happy to accommodate your requests for my attire.

Spokane Bride: Great! Do you ever book more than one wedding or event per day?

David: No, I devote so much time and attention to each wedding celebration that double booking would compromise my ability to provide each bride and groom with my absolute best possible service.

Spokane Bride: OK, so you will personally be the DJ that comes to my wedding?

David: Absolutely! Audio Affiliated is owned and operated by me. I will be the DJ you meet with, plan with and the DJ that shows up to your wedding! However, I do have two back up DJs that would cover for me if necessary, just in case of an emergency.

Spokane Bride:
Thats perfect! This sounds like everything we are looking for, How can we proceed with the booking process… what is the next step?

David: To initiate the booking process we will first make sure your wedding date is available. Second we can determine the investment for DJ services based on your date, wedding location and what you have visioned for your wedding. I typically send out an entertainment agreement for you and your fiancé to review for accuracy. If everything looks good, the agreement can be signed and returned with the initial investment or booking fee which is applied to the total balance. The booking fee is generally thirty percent of the total investment.
I have planning worksheets that I will send you to help map out all the details and make sure we have everything prepared and organized for your celebration day.

Spokane Bride: Great! I am also curious, can you provide references or reviews from weddings you’ve done?

David: You bet! Audio Affiliated is one of the highest rated and most reviewed Spokane DJ services in the area. References are also available on request. Follow the link below to read reviews from couples I’ve worked with as well as training certificates and awards I’ve earned!

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