Live Mixing

Live Mixing


Two Turntables & A Microphone

Couples looking for a club style DJ with creative mixing techniques who can maintain a tasteful family atmosphere find David to be the perfect DJ for their wedding.

Pre-recorded mixes and pre-made playlists can work for couples who are happy to dance with a few best friends while most of their guests visit and chat. Couples who want all their guests to celebrate and dance with them at their wedding will need something more. A professional DJ who can read the crowd and blend the music in the moment will create more energy and fun on the dance floor for more of your guests. With a constantly growing music library of originals and remixes combined with advanced DJ mixing skills, David is often able to mix in requests seconds after guests make them to keep the dance floor energy explosive and the music custom tailored just for your friends and family.

David specializes in juggling songs from completely different genres and blending them together to create a mix that will appeal to as many people as possible. Letting the playlist evolve based on the reactions of guests while mixing in each couples’ favorite songs artistically is a guaranteed recipe for an awesome dance party that pre-mixed sets or pre-made playlists just can’t compare to.

Beyond expert techniques in beat-matching and a bottomless music library, David at Audio Affiliated takes live mixing to the next level by incorporating voiceover and sampling into an already unique mix. Everyone has a soundtrack to their life and David brings those popular one-liners from friendships, favorite movie quotes, signature catch-phrases, special messages from family, highlights from the speeches or even your vows into your mix. When working with David at Audio Affiliated the possibilities are unlimited for an entertainment experience that truly represents each couple at their celebration.