Master of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies


The DJ and The MC

DJ = Disc Jockey: a person who plays recorded music on the radio or at an event.

MC = Master of Ceremonies: a person showing great skill or proficiency in speaking who introduces guests of honor, is in charge of procedure and directs, informs and entertains guests at a special occasion.

A DJ plays the music and a professional MC creates an atmosphere of interest and expectation. Making sure your DJ is also skilled as an MC is important and easy to find out via a personal visit, Skype or phone chat. Your DJ/MC should put you at ease in conversation and have a friendly disposition, a sense of humor, and the ability to improvise.

Many couples will hire a DJ thinking he/she will make announcements and direct the flow of the evening at their reception. They may discover to late that their DJ doesn’t talk on the microphone, or if he/she does, they don’t speak clear and confidently so everyone can understand what is said, or worst of all, he/she is obnoxious and overbearing on the mic.

Different styles of DJ and MC have their place at various events. Some events require a hype style MC with extremely high energy while other events may require just a background DJ. Understanding these different styles of MC and knowing what you prefer will help to ensure you get the right DJ for your wedding.

Weddings are unique in structure and have unlimited possibilities that can be implemented and navigated throughout your celebration. Many different smaller ceremonies are taking place during your reception from your grand entrance to your first dance, speeches, cake cutting and any others you choose to include. A skilled Master of Ceremonies will create smooth transitions from one segment of the evening to the next through personalized insights that bring your guests into the moment and create reactions of emotion connecting everyone to what is happening. Guests will often comment to David how much they appreciate knowing what is going on during the reception because the last wedding they had attended was not so informative and they missed something that was important to them that evening.

Couples looking for something fun and different for their wedding day love to work with David! Continually participating in professional training that is specifically designed for wedding MCs enables David to provide couples with a wedding experience unlike anything they’ve seen before. David has developed unique techniques to provide genuine entertainment for wedding celebrations that keep a focus on the reason everyone is there, to celebrate each couples’ new journey together as the rock stars they truly are!