Ceremony Sound

Ceremony Sound


To Hear, Or Not To Hear…

The sound is often one of the most overlooked aspects of a wedding ceremony. The ceremony is the very beginning of your celebration and the first impression guests will have of your wedding day.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve brought all of your family out to see a new feature film at your local movie theatre. You’re all excited as you find your seats and dig into your popcorn. The lights dim, the music starts and the opening scene is breathtaking. The music is powerful and perfectly brings the film to life. Then the characters in the movie take the screen. You can see their mouths moving while they gesture to each other, but you can’t make out a word they’re saying. You’re not really sure what is going on and you notice your family, also unable to hear, is looking confused while they try to make sense of the situation too. Not a good experience, right?

Unfortunately this is a common scene at wedding ceremonies. Family and guests, all dressed in their best and taking time out of their schedules, are sitting eagerly waiting to hear your wedding vows and I dos. Sadly, they will be left wondering what is being said because they won’t be able to hear any of it. As the first impression of a wedding to guests, not being able to hear the vows, sniffles or giggles will be the first sign that it is probably not going to be an awesome wedding.

Every wedding ceremony that enlists the expertise of David at Audio Affiliated has always had guests exclaim afterwards how wonderful it was to have been able to hear all the details! They always proceed to describe the experiences they’ve endured at past weddings they attended where they couldn’t hear at all. It’s often that a guest will even remark that the microphone must be of amazing quality because they could here everything so well. Although all of Audio Affiliated’s equipment is of the best quality, the truth is that David possesses an expertise in audio engineering and he uses advanced techniques to create an experience for your guests that they deserve, to hear every detail.

Most people are accustom to the sound quality you experience watching movies or TV. You can hear every little sound, bringing the scene to life and making it feel like you’re actually there. David creates this same broadcast quality experience for wedding ceremonies by ensuring that guests feel included while they listen to your giggles, sniffles and I dos clearly, even from the back row.

Making sure your guests can hear your vows at your wedding ceremony will show them that they are important to you and you care about them. It also gives them a first impression that your wedding is probably going to be awesome!

Awesome Sound = Awesome Ceremony