Awesome Dance Party

Awesome Dance Party


From The Windows To The Walls

Creating an awesome dance party at your wedding begins long before your guests even arrive at your reception. All the DJ experience in the world will never be a substitute for proper preparation.

A great DJ will read your group to mix in songs that keep the dance floor full and appeal to all of your guests. Being able to play the perfect song at the perfect time to create reactions of excitement that erupt from your friends and family happens when your DJ works with you to custom tailor your wedding soundtrack just for your day.

David is an expert at creating a wedding atmosphere that will emphasize your theme and build energy to get your guests anticipating more fun and dancing. When guests are participating and actually a part of what is happening at your reception from the very beginning, they will stay longer and be more compelled to keep participating when the dancing begins.

You’ve spent so much time planning your wedding and you just want to shake it off and have a great time with all your guests at the end of the day. You want a DJ who can create an awesome dance party that will be super fun and yet still be appropriate for a family atmosphere. You want your guests to remember your wedding day for years to come as the best wedding they ever went to. You want to laugh together in excitement with your best friends as that one song you all used to sing together back in the day blends its way into the dance mix. You want to dance with the love of your life surrounded by your family and closest friends on one of the best days ever that you’ll never forget. You want an awesome wedding DJ!

Awesome DJ = Awesome Dance Party